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The meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus who lived in Isreal 2000 years ago and died on the cross for our sins. Christmas is a time to reflect on the season and remember that Jesus is the one true reason for this season.
Christmas is a perfect reminder that we should never become too busy to live that we eventually forget that we need to make a life. Here comes the warmest wish for Christmas from The Style Fanatic to you.


Happy New Month Lovelies, hope we are all well? can’t believe we are already in the last month of the year. This year was one of the fastest year by far. I wouldn’t type much on this post because I have a lot to attend to. I’m wearing this gorgeous midi dress from Rosegal. What got my attention was the details on it. This dress can literally be worn to different event. Use the code below to get some discount on the site and also please make sure you check them out. Crazy November! Cyber Monday! Use Code: RGBF1 Get 25% off . Lowest prices of the year. CRAZY SAVINGS! Free shipping worldwide!


Taking great presentable outfit picture is a learned skill, which can only get better by practice and of course, using a good camera. If you look back at some of my pictures from when I started blogging you can obviously tell there is a good difference, I’ve definitely gotten better at taking pictures. Today on the blog, I’d be sharing with you some tips I’ve learned for taking great outfit photos, but before we go further let’s take some time to admire this simple casual dress.  This is the second dress I got from Rosegal. Please do check them out, they are currently on sales and cyber Monday is happening right now
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Hello Lovelies and happy new week. Hope the week went well? So I’m in a different environment you can definitely see by the pictures, because by now we are already on minus degree. Anyway, one constant thing I have noticed from few of the individuals here is that they lack patience, and it got me wondering how they are able to perform task, work as a team or even communicate with other people and so on if patience is not exercised. This triggered the post for today, talking about patience, but before we go further let’s talk about this dress shall we? I got this dress from Rosegal and it got delivered within 3 weeks and arrived in good condition of course. Really love this dress because it is so versatile, which can be worn to different event and occasions. I accessorized in a minimal way, added that gorgeous drop earring and borrowed my mum's purse for this shoot which I will be using more often if you know what I mean. 
Rosegal Crazy Shopping Day! 25% OFF With Coupon: RGBF1  


Hello Lovelies, how are we all doing, been a minute. I know I’ve been quiet here on the blog, I wouldn’t say absent because I still check up on other blogs and read comments on here. Reason I’ve been quiet, well I’m in a different environment and prior to moving accidentally my laptop had some fault beyond repair 😢 So, posting content is a lot more stressful right now and I’m just trying to wing it until I’m blessed with a new laptop. That being said there would be only one post every week for the main time. I don’t want to type much on this post but I’d keep updating as I post. Anyway, lets dive into today’s post, but before we do that, how do you love my new look ?


Hello Lovelies, I trust we are doing well. Today on the blog is all about the embroidery trend. It’s initially a ’17 fall trend but it’s still popping till date. Remember when it was everywhere and everyone was wearing it, literally everyone, even children. Anyway, I decided to try it out, but with a twist in the sense I’m wearing the embroidery trend from my neck down to my shoe. Hearing it, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work well together but looking at it in reality it does come together quite well. My shirt, bag and pair of shoe consist of the embroidery trend and look how beautiful it came out. Not everyone one can pull it off or would even like to try it but I’d advise you give the embroidery trend a try why? Keep reading.


Hello everyone hope we are all doing well, today on the blog I’d be taking about airtrack for sale. Have you heard about them? Well, Wholesaleairtrack is the world's largest suppliers of inflatable air track and has several years of experience in producing airtrack. Today there are several operators offering air track that have poor quality and begins to gradually break down with time. We have developed the best quality of air tumble track and ensures that each part keeps the best quality. Do check out their air track brand store

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 Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. Throughout history, writer's block has been a documented problem. Professionals who have struggled with the affliction include authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Joseph Mitchell, comic strip cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, and songwriter Adele. Source


Hello Lovelies, Happy new week! Today on the blog I’m showing you how to style a white denim pant in two ways, in a classy way for work or corporate events while the other look for a casual day or hang out with friends. If you aren’t new to the blog, you’d definitely know I love a versatile outfit, something I can style for various events. That’s one of my shopping rules, finding an outfit that is indeed versatile. Anyway, please drop a comment down below saying which look is your fav, or which you’d like try. Do have a great day and great week ahead.
Talk to you in my next post, be you, be safe, be kind, stay blessed and remain humble.
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 T.D Jakes Inspired
When people can walk away from you, let them walk, because your destiny is not tied to the person who left. People leave you because they are not joined to you. Don’t try to talk them into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about or staying attached to you. No matter how you are attracted or attached to them or whatever the situation might be, if they can leave your life, let them walk. You have to know when people’s part in your story is over, so you don’t keep trying to raise what is dead. If they walked away is no accident, if they left you it’s no accident. If you tried to make it work and it wouldn’t work, it’s no accident, accept it as the will of God.


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Hello Lovelies! Happy new week, can’t believe it’s already the ending of July and we’d be entering a new month in a few days, just stunned at how the year ran. Today on the blog, I’m wearing this simple but gorgeous dress from This site has so many gorgeous dresses for different events and the quality is super. So I’m styling one of their dress today and I’m going to list ways you can glam up a simple dress, so keep reading if interested and do have a lovely and prosperous week ahead. I’d have put the link to this dress here but unfortunately it has been sold out. Get similar here


Hello Lovelies! Hope we are doing great? Let’s get straight into this post, have you always wanted a unique business card to stand out from the rest? With great color theme that looks professional?  Well I have god news for you; with you create the perfect card for every event, using trendy colors in unlimited combinations to make your card as unique as you are. Professional business cards are a marvelous way to network oneself, look qualified, + interact with the acquaintances around you. What better way to do so than with Basic Invites brilliant products. Our cards have just the right amount of fun, while still looking sleek + put-together. Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 
You can also create holiday cards as well on their site, like Christmas cards, Business cards, Halloween cards, birthday cards and so much more. Down below ae samples of their stunning designs and what you can achieve working with them.


Hello my lovelies hope we are all doing well? I know I’ve been gone for a while now, I hoped to come back earlier but life happens and also I was preparing for my dissertation which I’m glad is all behind me, never been stressed by a professor in my entire life, gosh!, that’s another story for another day. Did you know your girl is two degrees hotter; yes hotter because it definitely isn’t easy, so please put some respect on my name.


 Hello there, I know we are all doing well. Today on the blog I’m collaborating with an online store Folsom & co that sells varieties of fashion necessities but mostly nice well-made wrist watches, and I’m wearing one of them today on the blog. The wrist watch came on time and is true to its description. This post is long overdue, but I’m glad I finally made a post. Please do check out their store and patronize them, and for more wonderful wristwatches click here


Hello Guys, hope we are all doing well and everything is going well? Have you heard of they sell short homecoming dresses online They are a leading brand in worldwide of dresses custom made online, they offer the latest and most popular dresses for all customers who choose them. Each dress is custom made, with high quality for customers’ satisfaction. Romprom is short for business to customer; we help ladies with their final dreams come true. The only purpose for us is focusing on the particulars; seeking perfection and making every lady look like a careful piece of artwork. Our main design style is simple and fluent; neither limited by fashion element nor have redundant and exaggerated ornamentation on the dress. Instead, we are normally come with feminine characteristics of elegant, light and romantic, seldom has inappropriate changes.
Down below a few of their wonderful piece, please do check them out.


 Hello there Lovelies, hope we are all doing well. I don’t know about the country you are in but we’ve been waiting for spring for a while now and it doesn’t want to come, it still snows occasionally and can be extremely cold, by he way do check out this Women Trench Coat Anyway, since it’s officially spring but doesn’t seem like it I have put together this colorful spring outfit. Spring is all about colors and my outfit justifies it. Whenever it’s spring I wear a lot of colors, also, if you aren't new here you'd know I love working with colors more and speaking about spring and colors do check out my last spring outfit HERE. and HERE  Like what I’m wearing? click the links below for more details. Do have a prosperous week ahead and happy New Week, and by the way excuse the tired face woke up really early for lectures and took these shoots after it.


I’ve always wanted to talk about this topic ever since I started blogging but always suspended it for some reason, now I feel it’s the right time to talk about it. First, being self-fish doesn’t mean not giving and all but has a lot to do with mannerism, the way you speak to/about others, your attitude, character, sense of giving and understanding. We all have someone selfish in our life which shall be unnamed but they are there. I know you are sitting thinking who isn’t selfish because we are all selfish but to be rational some people just have the tendency of making everything about them all the time trust me. First, how do you identify a selfish person in your life, selfish people don’t give into consideration about the other person needs.


 Happy International women’s  day to all the outstanding women in the world, I know this sounds cliche but to be honest growing into a woman isn’t as easy as it sounds or it’s described or portrayed, with every thing we have to go through, trying to get a certain job that’s only applicable to men alone, in some parts of the world where women aren’t allowed an education, married off so young, aren’t allowed to vote, ride cars and all that stuffs. Should I talk about the abuse most women go through in higher authority but are turned to deaf ears just because we are women and we don’t have the right to make compelling cases. How women strive to make sure their children are fed, clothed, away from trouble, trained, because let’s admit it whatever happens to the child the society judges her.
To all the special women reading this, remember self love is the greatest medicine to happiness. I hope this day reminds you of how strong, beautiful, outstanding, special, irreplaceable, capable, unique, intelligent and courageous you are.


So, I’m sitting here thinking of what to write for my birthday post. All that comes to mind is, it has been one hell of a ride year after year, challenges after challenges, but am I grateful for everything? I have no other option than to be because there was something to learn in all my experiences. Anyway, I wish myself everything I’ve always wanted in all areas and even more. God bless my new age and bless those who bless me. A big thank you to those who support me and my blog genuinely, may God bless you and cause people to bless you as well. It’s a new year and I’m eager to see what this year has got for me. I hope it’s less stress, more peace, happiness, joy, health and wealth and all the good things this life has to offer. I didn’t want to do the traditionally birthday post with balloons and all that extra things no, just wanted this one to be simple and me. Check out my first birthday post on the blog HERE


 Hello there Lovelies, hope we are all doing well. If you noticed I’m starting to get back into my element that is, putting colors together. If you religiously follow my blog then you’d probably understand my love for colors and making sure they are incorporated into my personal style. This outfit wasn’t planned at all, the orange blouse is actually a dress on its own which was supposed to appear on an entirely different post but it arrived quite short and I don’t like short anything, it has nothing to do with religion or belief it’s just my style preference.


 Hello there, hope everyone’s Val day went well and no one had a broken heart I assume. Anyway, Val day isn’t really my thing; however I don’t mind the warm gesture on that day. It’s a new week and I’ve been thinking a lot about a lot of things trying to figure out why certain things happen to people and why we can’t have a break at least. Then I remember, God wouldn’t give you want you can’t handle and there is always a solution for everything even though it might not really be what was initially planned. I’ve tried to accept what is and trust God for a better tomorrow really. Also, just figured out that people go through a lot behind all these fake/pretense smiles and straight face, so it’s imperative to check up on people you love and put them in your prayers once in a while because we never know. People are really good at hiding their problems so it’s the least we can do.


Ladies, how are you preparing for your Valentine’s Day? Excited? Spending the day with someone, staying indoors? Anyways, I have a pre Valentine’s Day look for you, it isn’t all that but it’s simple and chic and stylish for the weather. If you live in a country where the climate is hot then you can wear the dress as it is for a more alluring look without layering it over a blouse. Valentine’s Day is not just about showing love to a special person, but all special and loved ones in your life, friends, family, neighbors’ and so on.  Make sure to check back here on the site for a valentine’s day look on Wednesday. Happy New Week and do have a great week ahead.


Happy New Month Lovelies! The beautiful thing about this year is that, can you guess? Well, it’s my birthday month. I hope the year is treating you good so far? Wish us all a wonderful new month filled with genuine love and God’s abundant blessings. Today on the site it’s a blog feature and I’m featuring Ingrid from Cameroon check her out on Instagram HERE. She is indeed a beauty, she looks like Duckie in real life, although she is yet to admit it. She is a model and soon to be doctor, so put some respect on her name. During the New Year she came visiting I guess you can remember she appeared on my insta story, if you are not following me on Instagram please change that, I’d follow back. Anyway, we decided to work together not really planning our outfit before, meaning this was a last minute thing but she still looks beautiful which is more important to me. We did style two looks, be on the lookout for the second look.


Hello wonderful people, how are y’all doing? So, if you are consistent on here you’d probably know I’ve never worn a romper on the site and to be honest I actually never worn one before in my daily style.. This is actually my first time wearing a romper; there is a first time for everything right. It’s said somewhere out there rompers are only for summers, well I say different, rompers are for all season when styled according to the weather. Anyway, it’s 2018 and I’d like to switch up my style a notch for the blog but still keep it me if you know what I mean. It’s winter, a harsh one for that matter. So, how do you wear a romper during the winter without freezing but yet still keep it stylish. Well, keep reading I’ve got you on this.


Hello Lovelies! How are we all doing? Been a minute, is it just me or is the year stating off slow, like we are still in the middle of January, I like it that way for some reason though. 2018 please slow down and take your time. Anyway, today on the site I’ve decided to share 10 random facts about me. For the past days on Instagram it has been going viral by my fellow bloggers where they share random facts about them and tag other bloggers to do so. As for me I’ve decided to make mine into a blog post. I hope you find it interesting. For more facts about me click HERE.
Talk to you in my next post, be you, be safe, be kind, stay blessed and remain humble.
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We know, that you might be a little bit nervous to go for a date on a Valentine's day. What are the expectations of your girlfriend, how will she feel when she sees you. First of all, you need to feel good in your shoes. Not literally, but you need to be confident and proud, to take her on a date. Make sure, you also pick a right outfit. Be careful, to choose clothes, that will make HER look like a queen. Go with something casual and strong. Hide your insecurities with some hoodies or go for a shirt that will bold out your perfect body. Also, don't forget for  a right perfume! With some accessories, like an artificial leather braid bracelet, you will show her your masculinity and also your pretty side.
Outfit pick:

YOINS VALENTINE'S DAY READY are you familiar with them? They are an online clothing store offering fashionable Sexy dresses, Stylish tops, shoes, bags, accessories and so many trendy items of high quality. They also deliver worldwide and it’s fast. Sign up to their newsletter to receive notifications when there is a flash sale or even sales going on there. New customers get 10% off so register and start buying.
Yoins, believe that fashion is the best way to show your individuality and uniqueness, and they do their best to make all the new fashion trends available for everybody.
Their brand name comes from the word “inspiration”. They want to be your inspiration for creating new looks to stand out from the crowd and to start expressing your real personality and style. For this purpose they have collected for you the best looks from the catwalks and from the streets to create comfortable, high quality, fashionable clothing, and make it available for everybody at affordable prices. Anyways, since we are approaching Valentine’s Day, I’ve a select few dresses for you to check out. Down below are few of my picks, don’t forget to click links above each picture for outfit details, or best just visit their page and feel free to browse. Do check out their latest sexy dresses for women and stylish sexy lingerie online sale


Happy New Year everyone! And 2017 is a wrap, welcome to 2018. Firstly I want to thank everyone who genuinely supports The Style Fanatic, by your comments, views and verbal encouragement. Also want to thank my faithful sponsors for believing in The Style Fanatic, it’s been an amazing year and can’t wait to see what next. It's a white New Year again, check out 2017 new year post HERE
For me I’m just handing this year over to God, I stopped making resolutions when I figured it teeters with God’s plan over my life. So I’d let things just unfold. However I still believe in speaking things into existence everyday as power of life and death is in the tongue.