Taking great presentable outfit picture is a learned skill, which can only get better by practice and of course, using a good camera. If you look back at some of my pictures from when I started blogging you can obviously tell there is a good difference, I’ve definitely gotten better at taking pictures. Today on the blog, I’d be sharing with you some tips I’ve learned for taking great outfit photos, but before we go further let’s take some time to admire this simple casual dress.  This is the second dress I got from Rosegal. Please do check them out, they are currently on sales and cyber Monday is happening right now
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Hello Lovelies and happy new week. Hope the week went well? So I’m in a different environment you can definitely see by the pictures, because by now we are already on minus degree. Anyway, one constant thing I have noticed from few of the individuals here is that they lack patience, and it got me wondering how they are able to perform task, work as a team or even communicate with other people and so on if patience is not exercised. This triggered the post for today, talking about patience, but before we go further let’s talk about this dress shall we? I got this dress from Rosegal and it got delivered within 3 weeks and arrived in good condition of course. Really love this dress because it is so versatile, which can be worn to different event and occasions. I accessorized in a minimal way, added that gorgeous drop earring and borrowed my mum's purse for this shoot which I will be using more often if you know what I mean. 
Rosegal Crazy Shopping Day! 25% OFF With Coupon: RGBF1  


Hello Lovelies, how are we all doing, been a minute. I know I’ve been quiet here on the blog, I wouldn’t say absent because I still check up on other blogs and read comments on here. Reason I’ve been quiet, well I’m in a different environment and prior to moving accidentally my laptop had some fault beyond repair 😢 So, posting content is a lot more stressful right now and I’m just trying to wing it until I’m blessed with a new laptop. That being said there would be only one post every week for the main time. I don’t want to type much on this post but I’d keep updating as I post. Anyway, lets dive into today’s post, but before we do that, how do you love my new look ?