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Animal Printed Hollow out Block Heels Sandals
Hello Lovelies how are we all doing? Guessing fine? One of the dilemmas when styling an outfit is getting the right shoe to tie it all together yeah? Well, no worries as FessShoe has got you covered they aim to lift up the look of women with a strong sole with different varieties of shoes from PumpHeels to Sandals to Heeled Sandals
Considering satisfying woman’s love to heels, they provide various heel option from 2” to 4”. And a good pair of heels with strong sole to be wore comfortably, would be a nice company with woman to keep power in the work. With high-quality material imported &fine craftsmanship, Fess Shoe aims to provide good product with affordable product. It's time to get a new pair of shoes! They offer free shipping on all orders across the world and offer 30 days return on all items.
One of the concerns when shopping online is the difference from picture to the real product. Well for FessShoe you do not have to worry because you get exactly what you see online. Let’s just say, what you see is what you get!!



Hello Lovelies, how are we all doing, hope great? Today I bring you a brand that is solely into the interest of women shape. They have different body waist trainers with different materials to suit your preference.
Best Waist Trainer For Women Slim your waistline and keep it trim with this latex waist trainer that is uniquely designed to wear for enhanced workout results. The compression along with the latex material increases sweat production to contour and shape your waistline to the desired figure. It features
- Latex waist cincher with front zipper and hooks closure
- Front boning and side-boning
- 3-position adjustable hook closure
- Made of our exclusive designer latex with inner cotton layer for comfort
- Wear to work out to induce more sweat & expedite your waist training results
- Garment care instructions: Hand wash cold, do not tumble dry, do not use bleach, use a soft detergent. If you need to machine wash this garment, we suggest using laundry bag to protect it from wear and tear.


Hello Lovelies, how are we all doing? I know it's been quiet on here, well my apologies. So, I am trying to take advantage of the whole quarantine/self isolation to clear the cobwebs on here.
Talking about this lockdown, how are we handling it? To be sincere, I am glad I can use this opportunity to rest my body and mind (literally need it) for someone who works 12 hours or even more Mondays - Saturdays, heaven knows I need this right now.
Talk to you in my next post, be you, be safe, be kind, stay blessed and remain humble.

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Hello my Lovelies, how are we all doing, hope we are all staying safe. Due to the lock down we can’t go anywhere but I have been checking some nice clothing from DRESSLILY ad preparing for the events and get together I will be going for, you know the lock down has made me appreciate the little things and I can't wait for everything to be back to normal. On dresslily you can get fashionable items and did you know yo can get 22% unlimited discounts just using this code: GBJKNO

Check these lovely and fashionable dresses below. Dressy has got you covered.


How are we all doing, International Women's day is by the corner and I am indeed proud to be a woman, it is not easy being a woman.
I am proud everyday to be a woman, I remember when I left to Russia to further my Education as a minor, getting there it occurred to me I am going to be communicating in Russian language 90% of the time.


Yay!! It's The Style Fanatic Birthday!!! A wonderful Happy Birthday to me. I know this may sound cliché but I am so thankful and grateful to God Almighty to be very honest, looking back I am not close to where I was before (higher everyday) and all the glory goes to God. As I mark a year old with God by my side it can only get better and better in all areas of my life. Amen!