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Hello Lovelies, been a while and Happy New year since this is the first post of the year it’s only fair to wish us a Happy New Year and may all our desires and even more be met. Cheers to 2019.
Today's post I am collaborating with Grace Karin, well, actually this is not the first time I'm wearing their dress, bought my pageant dress from them some time ago, and now I am collaborating with them.  Grace Karin offers high quality women's fashion apparel with the principle 'simple and stylish'. They sent two items, a floral dress and a classy fitted dress which can be worn to work and to my amazement received it and the quality was is super. Buying clothes from them is worth it, just a little fashion advice; work with the size measurement on the site. So, which is your favorite, I am sure you can tell which is mine.
Let me know in the comment section which dress is your favorite. 


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If you have chosen to set your wedding in the stunning season of autumn, you are most certainly in for a treat. This time of year is definitely one of the most whimsical and romantic. With the vibrant colours and mild temperature outside, there is a great appeal about autumn.

First things first, autumn still has a while before it’s coming back around so there is still time to search for the perfect engagement ring. The Certified Diamond Network has some stunning choices to suit almost any taste and style. Check out Sydney engagement rings and discover award-winning designers and master jewellery craftsmen with decades of experience. You will find a range of cuts and options so you can choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner.


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The meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus who lived in Isreal 2000 years ago and died on the cross for our sins. Christmas is a time to reflect on the season and remember that Jesus is the one true reason for this season.
Christmas is a perfect reminder that we should never become too busy to live that we eventually forget that we need to make a life. Here comes the warmest wish for Christmas from The Style Fanatic to you.


Happy New Month Lovelies, hope we are all well? can’t believe we are already in the last month of the year. This year was one of the fastest year by far. I wouldn’t type much on this post because I have a lot to attend to. I’m wearing this gorgeous midi dress from Rosegal. What got my attention was the details on it. This dress can literally be worn to different event. Use the code below to get some discount on the site and also please make sure you check them out. Crazy November! Cyber Monday! Use Code: RGBF1 Get 25% off . Lowest prices of the year. CRAZY SAVINGS! Free shipping worldwide!


Taking great presentable outfit picture is a learned skill, which can only get better by practice and of course, using a good camera. If you look back at some of my pictures from when I started blogging you can obviously tell there is a good difference, I’ve definitely gotten better at taking pictures. Today on the blog, I’d be sharing with you some tips I’ve learned for taking great outfit photos, but before we go further let’s take some time to admire this simple casual dress.  This is the second dress I got from Rosegal. Please do check them out, they are currently on sales and cyber Monday is happening right now
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