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Belle Poque draws on the classics of the era to maximize this retro style, from elegant to minimalist. Belle Poque is developing the charm of the times and extending the exquisite taste. In Belle Poque, you will find a variety of vintage dresses, skirts, pants, tops and 50's accessories. Choose the taste of classiness and beauty with Belle Poque!
Belle Poque is an original independent brand focusing on the 50s and 60s vintage style women clothing, founded in 2012.


Mothers Day is an occasion which is celebrated to honor the lady in your life who birth you. It’s a day which makes people remember the importance and significance of mothers in their life and is observed as a day to give special emphasis to The motherly figures around the world. We are celebrating mothers all over the world and we say thank you for your continued and unconditional love.  
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How are we all doing?  Welcome back to the blog, hope our Easter celebration is going well. Do you have a go to necklace for an everyday outfit? If you do, let me know in the comment section below Ladies, I am sure we can relate, sometimes our jewelries especially our necklaces do not go with our everyday outfit and that results to changing planned outfits. 


How are we all doing lovelies? Yes I know I’ve been away for some time now which is unlike me, but truly I have been really busy. Mondays through Saturdays, some Saturdays though and I have got only Sundays to rest and attend to some personal things. I’d try my best to be posting regularly.
 Today’s post is a look book one, showing you two ways to style a skirt. If you aren’t new to the blog, you’d definitely know how I love my clothing’s versatile just in case a switch up is needed for a different occasion or event.


Hello Lovelies, been a while and Happy New year since this is the first post of the year it’s only fair to wish us a Happy New Year and may all our desires and even more be met. Cheers to 2019.
Today's post I am collaborating with Grace Karin, well, actually this is not the first time I'm wearing their dress, bought my pageant dress from them some time ago, and now I am collaborating with them.  Grace Karin offers high quality women's fashion apparel with the principle 'simple and stylish'. They sent two items, a floral dress and a classy fitted dress which can be worn to work and to my amazement received it and the quality was is super. Buying clothes from them is worth it, just a little fashion advice; work with the size measurement on the site. So, which is your favorite, I am sure you can tell which is mine.
Let me know in the comment section which dress is your favorite.