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Hello Guys, how are we all doing? Hope all is well? Ready for summer and the beach? Today I’ve got some cute and affordable swim wear from Zaful. They are an online store that sells various fashionable items, from jewelries, shoes, clothing items, bags, accessories and so many more. Down below are my swim wear picks you should definitely try this summer, the beach is a wonderful place to be this summer and these swim wears will definitely make you look confident. Click the link above each picture for more details. Do check out zaful 4th year anniversary
Thanks for stopping by and do have a great weekend.


Summer! Summer! Summer! Who doesn’t like the freedom to dress in cool and stunning outfit? Still looking for the perfect summer dress? Dresslily.com have got you covered, they do have an amazing collections of summer wears, also check out more of their stunning outfits and do patronize them. I’ve worked with them in the past and will still work with them and I can guarantee to you their outfits are nice just make sure to work with their size guide to help you pick the perfect outfit to fit your figure. Also do check out some of these dresses down below that caught my eye.


So the polka dot trend is back and I've been seeing it everyone, bloggers rocking it, on the runway and added to normal style routine. So today on the  blog I’ve decided to ring you some polka dot pieces that caught my eyes on rosegal.com they do have wonderful items and If you aren’t new to do the blog you’d know I’ve worked with them a lot and their clothes are of high quality. Do check out more items on their site, also do check out these dresses below I’ve put together. They don’t just sell dresses; but shoes, bags, wrist watches and accessories.


Hello Guys, hope we are all doing well and everything is going well? Have you heard of RomProm.com they sell short homecoming dresses online They are a leading brand in worldwide of dresses custom made online, they offer the latest and most popular dresses for all customers who choose them. Each dress is custom made, with high quality for customers’ satisfaction. Romprom is short for business to customer; we help ladies with their final dreams come true. The only purpose for us is focusing on the particulars; seeking perfection and making every lady look like a careful piece of artwork. Our main design style is simple and fluent; neither limited by fashion element nor have redundant and exaggerated ornamentation on the dress. Instead, we are normally come with feminine characteristics of elegant, light and romantic, seldom has inappropriate changes.
Down below a few of their wonderful piece, please do check them out.


 Hello there Lovelies, hope we are all doing well. I don’t know about the country you are in but we’ve been waiting for spring for a while now and it doesn’t want to come, it still snows occasionally and can be extremely cold, by he way do check out this Women Trench Coat Anyway, since it’s officially spring but doesn’t seem like it I have put together this colorful spring outfit. Spring is all about colors and my outfit justifies it. Whenever it’s spring I wear a lot of colors, also, if you aren't new here you'd know I love working with colors more and speaking about spring and colors do check out my last spring outfit HERE. and HERE  Like what I’m wearing? click the links below for more details. Do have a prosperous week ahead and happy New Week, and by the way excuse the tired face woke up really early for lectures and took these shoots after it.