Hello Lovelies! Hope we are all doing well. This post is long overdue hence the post title but better late than never, right! Had a life evaluating moment last week *sighs* guess adulting is hard. Anyways I’m wearing this lovely multi-colored H&M bodycon dress. I’m not really a fan of bodycon anything because of the attention it draws and there are places and events you can’t wear them but yeah, sometimes you need take a fashion risk. I hope you like how I styled this vibrant bodycon dress.
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Hello Lovelies and a happy weekend to Y’all. I am wearing this gorgeous sky blue shirt dress from Oodji, blue is definitely my happy color because it is my brother's happy color. So to make the shirt dress pop I paired it with my sister’s yellow colorful purse and complemented the whole outfit with my black x gold heel from Centro. However a pair of nude shoe can also work with a colorful outfit like mine, it all depends on your preference.
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The mind in its own place can make a heaven of a hell or a hell of a heaven.
Negative thoughts affect our health. Sometimes they can even influence the way we talk to people or treat them. No matter the situation everything we do stems of our thoughts. Not all our thoughts produce actions that leads to results but those thoughts we dwell on predominately are what lead to results. Example, if you constantly think you are going to fail an exam you definitely will fail that exam. If you think you would not get the job you are preparing yourself for, you might not get it.  Some of us wake up in the morning and start imagining bad things that could happen and unfortunately it does happen.


Hello Lovelies and happy new week, guess we are doing well. I’m wearing this beautiful two piece floral outfit and again it’s been in my wardrobe for a while now (10 months). Bought it online can’t remember which site exactly but it was bought for less than 700rub approximately 9.99 USD. It’s all about executing the way you wear an outfit not how much you spend on it, money management ladies. Really love the versatility of the pants, it can be worn separately likewise the crop top.
I wanted to be comfortable walking so I wore my sis pink wedge heels, kept my jewelries simple and I think my fringe did justice to the whole outfit I must say.