Hello Lovelies how are we all doing, Christmas is right around the corner I so have decided to make a Dresslily Wishlist
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Some Fantastic Marriage Proposal Ideas For This Summer

A marriage proposal is a very personal thing and how or when you propose is one of those things you need to decide yourself. If you are going to propose this summer and you want to propose at a place that is a little bit out of the ordinary, you will need to start planning now. Proposing at a nice restaurant on Gold Coast or overlooking Sydney Harbour is unarguably romantic but there are other options, in fact hundreds of other options.
 man kneeling in front of woman on rock at beach

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Flowery Case for iPhone 11 Pro | fyystore
Hello Lovelies and how are we doing, today I am talking about Fyystore Iphone Case. Since the launch of Iphone 11 pro we have all been excited about it and I am sure we have been lookiing for unique phone cases for them. Well, not too worry, cause I have got you covered below are phone cases you can get to not only beautify your phone but properly protect them as well.


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