Thanksgiving Day with Rosegal.
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 Good Day Lovelies, how are we all doing? Hope well.
Before we dive into today’s post, how do you like this hair on me YEAH or NAY? Today’s post is quite different from the norm. Well, I am trying things a bit different and will see how it goes. This is the second time wearing braids since I got back to Nigeria, (check out the very first braids I did HERE), to be honest I am not a braids person if you aren’t new here you will understand. So, I decided to try a different type of braid with a different color and it did turned out beautiful (note in this picture its 3 weeks old), would have made a post when it was brand new but the weather kept acting up. Anyway, I finally did get to take pictures before I take them out, did you know the good thing about box braids or any type of braids is that it protects your natural hair hence it is called protective hair style.