Hello Lovelies! This post is all about jumpsuits you can tell clearly by the title. Firstly, I got this Elegant Jumpsuit from (collaborated with them here) and I also got these pair of Sexy Heels from for just $8.55 so affordable for the quality. Make sure to click on the links to purchase my Jumpsuit and pair of heels.  
This Jumpsuit came with its own belt but you know I had to be extra, so I switched it up by adding my gold belt and gold necklace to give a little bit of an edge, you have to agree with me these heels did Justice by complementing the whole outfit. The chest area was slightly revealing so used my collar brooch to pin it down.


Hello Lovelies! Hope we are all doing well. I was reading something online and decided to share a bit of it to Y'all. Everyone can have access to your 'presence' but not everyone should have access to your 'person'. If you are in the same room as me we will talk (presence) but when I need advice and need to talk about the deeper things in life only the people who have proven themselves loyal can access that part of me (person). Be a likeable an outgoing person, love people, it's a great thing, but know how to make yourself valuable. Not everybody needs to have access to you at all times. Be observant of who you let into which (presence and person). Finding the balance in these things will get you far in your relationship with others. Hope it did make little sense.


My mum gifted me this shirt 7 years ago, never wore it, didn't know how to style it then or what to style it with and I don't throw things my mum gives me or even try to give it out I just keep them cause I feel a sentimental attachment to her for some reasons. Does anyone else feel this way about their mum or family in general, or is it just me.
Anyways I just kept this shirt hoping I would wear it someday and then last week while I was figuring out how to style my coral pants I just knew this shirt needs to make an appearance on the blog. Made sure I styled it simple and decent to reflect my mum's style of dressing although, she would substitute the pants for a skirt. The way I styled this shirt is not really how I would have styled a vintage shirt (hence the post title) but hey, there is no blueprint to being a style blogger.


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