Happy New week lovelies! Hope we are all doing well? Today’s post features my very own fashion blogger in Ukraine Dimple Khadi most of you might know her but if you don’t do check out her blog and her Instagram also, her style is so versatile, she switches up her look any day and at any time yet still keeps it modest. After much discussion on what to collaborate on we finally decided to go for shades of pink, talking to dimple khadi made me realize how badly I need earth tones and also white pants in my wardrobe Lol. (She understands). This is my first time collaborating with a blogger and everything went so smoothly, I’m glad we did work together and looking forward to working with you again.


So this post was meant to go up on Saturday but I got hooked on the movie ‘Hidden Figures’. Have you seen the movie? If you haven’t I really recommend it. It’s truly an inspiring movie, really informative and enlightening. Apart from the obvious lessons you can learn from the movie, what I got from the movie is, we all are meant to walk different paths in life, not to copy what other people are doing and achieving but to focus on things central to your core and make it work for you. Success won't come and get you, you need to fight/work for what you genuinely deserve and you'll reap the fruits of your labor, also, life isn’t a competition you get there when you need to not when you want to.


 Firstly, wearing neutral isn’t really my thing if you aren’t new to my blog you’d agree with me. I just love colors; they make me happy, lift up my mood and also the mood of people around me. I see few bloggers who style neutral so effortlessly and so I decided to try something new on the blog today. This is me wearing the Olive waist coat from Banggood, it’s my first time collaborating with them, they deal with Clothing apparel, electronics, home appliances and a lot more. Shipping was fast but I just wished they ironed the dress really well, because it got burnt while I was ironing it. *Sighs* I also got this dramatic earrings from them also but unfortunately my hair covered it.


Hi lovelies! Hope we are all doing well? Firstly, thank you so much for all the love on my previous post, it’s deeply appreciated. I’m wearing this Baseball Hatfrom I picked this one with the letter B on it because it’s my name initials. Get yours here there are other varieties to choose from, and it’s definitely of high quality and shipping is fast and trustworthy. I can tell you that.
Have a fruitful week and talk to Y’all in my next post.


Happy New Year Lovelies! I just want to thank everyone who has been with me on this Journey. I know in this short period of time I’ve inspired a few and I don’t plan to stop, all I can say is there’s more to come. We can all admit 2016 had its up’s and down’s but when you have a God bigger than anything his Grace will definitely sustain you and I’m really thankful for all God has done for me, my family and friends. If 2016 taught me anything is that God never fails. Let us all just have a positive mind towards everything and 2017 will be greater.
As we enter 2017 may health, wealth and the favor of God surround our Family and Loved ones, may God guide our steps and give us the discernment to know right from wrong. We will overcome and succeed, 2017 shall be our year of greatness like never before. Challenge yourself this 2017, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.