When you look good, you’d feel good and when you feel good, you become more confident and attract respect.

Did you know that when you put effort into your appearance it affects how you perform and actually does boost your confidence level, in terms of speech, posture, stride and so on, speaking out of experience. Let’s take a look at how prominent people pay attention to their appearance for example Ngozi Okonjo-Iwela, Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie and others, they make sure their appearance make a presence even before they speak.

There was a day I needed to do some transaction at the bank, I took permission from work to go attend to that, when I got there, right from the security check point I noticed an extra respect given to me and when I eventually got inside I was given a lot of attention. It got to the point where a senior officer had to make sure I was been given the right treatment. When I got back to the office I recalled all what happened at the bank and kept wondering why the extra attention, it could’ve been something else, however, I felt it was probably my dressing.

Sometimes you attract opportunities when you look good and you attract the best when you look your best.

Lagos, Nigeria