Hi there! I'm Benita James, a style blogger, an online content creator and Founder of The Style Fanatic. I finally got the courage to start this blog as a creative outlet to fully express myself (about time) so, join me as I take you along on this exciting journey and I hope you get inspired and stick around.

TSF is a creative platform where I showcase my Personal style, share my Life style, create content and randomly talk about anything (TSF Speaks).  My style is so versatile, it’s also a media for self-expression and as such I have realized that my style changes and evolves over time, also depending on location and basically how I’m feeling at a particular point in time. When it comes to style I’m unpredictable, however, factors in my style that remain constant are comfort, simplicity, modesty and colors (I love incorporating colors into my outfit) I think it’s my signature look.

I created this blog because I want it to reflect my personal style, give inspirational talks to my readers and also to share my preference about fashion and style, how diverse, fun, unique, creative and sophisticated it can be. It all boils down to dressing to suit your body type, you don't need to break the bank to look decent.
Feel free to explore the blog and don’t forget to leave a comment while you are at it. Also, don't be shy to share my posts and invite friends to check my blog out. Thank you so much for stopping by my personal blog and keep coming back!
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