Mothers Day is an occasion which is celebrated to honor the lady in your life who birth you. It’s a day which makes people remember the importance and significance of mothers in their life and is observed as a day to give special emphasis to The motherly figures around the world. We are celebrating mothers all over the world and we say thank you for your continued and unconditional love.  
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Down below is a poem dedicated to mothers, written by Joquarter

My mother, I applaud you for the love you’ve always showered us
The sacrifices you made, the sprint and marathon hurdles you’ve crossed
The pains you nurtured for months just for me to be in this world
The downpour of love even when life threatened with drought 

My mother, the love and care you shower us is greater than any worldly valuables
I’ve lost count of times you came through for me when life became unbearable 
A woman of substance, that’s just what you are
Calling you my mother is a call that will never get barred

My mother, my world would have been empty, if it wasn’t for you
You touched every part of my soul with your unconditional love even when it was uncomfortable for you
You always make sure everything is fine even when things are not
You’re a strong woman, your type of woman is whom I’m working so hard to become 

My mother, I can’t just thank you enough for the good deeds
You always kept us calm even when being blown off by crude winds
There are so many facets to the way I could define you
Out of all the great woman I’ve known so far, you took the head amongst the group

Mother, I owe you a lot
You deserve the best things and I promise to take that to the crust
The grievances, damages and all that you went through yet, you overcame the brunt
I could go on and on writing about you for the world to know the type of woman you are, I don’t mind falling within that circled vaunt

I commend you mother, i appreciate you more than anything in this world
The kind of love I have for you is more potent than just mere words 
You’re a rare gem, your love comes consecutively not once in blues
In my next world mother, it’s you I will still choose



  1. This is such a wonderful poem, hats of to all mothers out there.


  2. Such a beautiful post!
    xoxo, Jane

  3. This post really describes how much you love your mom, such lovely words dear.
    Motherhood's struggle is real, but it's all worth it. Mom is our everything, indeed :)



  4. What a wonderful post. The message and these images are inspiring and most adorable.

  5. Beautiful and inspiring post for Mother's Day!

  6. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing, xx