Hello Lovelies, how are we all doing? Hope well. So today’s blog post is definitely going to be an interesting one, which you can tell by the title. During these past weeks I reached out to few of my friends to write down what they really think about me, sort of a review thingy. Y’all I’ve laughed, smiled, cried small, said to myself ‘really’ and laughed again. I appreciate everyone that took out time to do this for me, and trust me I’ve picked out a few things to take note of; I think I’d definitely do a part two (2) on this. 

Anonymous 1

First of all, you should know that she’s Pisces, so that definitely says a lot about her. Benita can be loud especially when she is gisting (fun gist). She laughs a lot, can take an insult but, can give an even harder/painful insult. She’s kind if you are kind to her, she doesn’t like selfish or self invested people, and Benita believes in do unto others what you’d want to be done unto you. She is hardworking especially when she is passionate about it (in conclusion, read about the female Pisces and you’d basically know more about her).

She has a serious face on the outside, so you probably might feel intimidated approaching her, but trust me when you finally get to know her, you’d be glad you did. She  is really photogenic and is a totally different person behind the camera.  She is friendly when she wants to , she can be helpful when needed but, she can sometimes be annoying in the sense that when she’s angry at or with someone, she sometimes unknowingly transfer her anger wrongly, but in all she is a nice person, oh yeah also, when she is angry keep shut!.

Anonymous 2

So personally I feel Benita is cool, but somewhat reserved, I respect that and I appreciate it, I like her sense of dressing and composure, I can gladly tell my sister, friend or daughter, look at that lady, emulate her and you won’t regret it. Essays like this we tend to talk about the good side, yo! I don’t even know if she has a bad side, if you do I’d spank it out, Lmao.

Benita is very observant, I am too but not to random peeps, it’s to people I am interested in or a general environmental scanning. So the talks we had yesterday was cool, wow you are awesome shaa and you can keep convos. Maybe I am writing too much, let me stop here.

Anonymous 3

Benita is a sweet lovely lady, who has a positive attitude to work. She is kind, diligent and hardworking, she could also be pretty blunt, but she has a great personality, and is understanding. You can always count on her, she is mature and has a positive outlook to life.

Anonymous 4

To Benita my good friend, knowing her and being her friend is the best someone supposed to have, I have leant a lot during the course of our friendship. She is a fast learner, a humble lady, she has got the qualities of a leader, she is very intelligent and smart like her madam (boss). She is creative (thinks outside the box) and honest.

Anonymous 5

She is a woman with a kind heart, though you might not know if you are not carefully calm with her. She is someone that doesn't follow the  crowd or hop around for friends. She loves her esteem and will not want anybody to bring it down, but she's someone you can confide in, share your problems with and is ready to reason with you. She is a problem solver, intelligent, hardworking, ambitious, and friendly and an understanding person. She doesn't look down on people rather she makes you feel better than whom you think you are. Words can't fully express her well but with the little I know, she is a blessing to this generation.

Anonymous 6

Benita is a cool lady and I have known her as a friend for quite a while now, she has listening ears and I end up talking with her for a longer period, especially at her work station. She could be annoying sometimes and may look like she is trying to maintain her privacy and may end up not saying hello or try to talk with you. I get really upset that period but I just feel she probably wants her space. She plays and have fun when necessary and could put her heart to it.
She  is ambitious, always looking forward to being the boss lady and exhibit those characters quite well.

Anonymous 7

Beni Beni, a hardworking lady, simple in her ways, not always harsh, always smiling. She does her things diligently and does not like mistakes. Benita impacts knowledge to people, though I haven’t known her for too long but the little time I have know her for good. She’s perfect in her own ways , to say the least, Benita is a wonderful lady.

And Finally Best Friend

A good and God fearing Friendship is a great blessing, a divine and most precious gift in anybody’s life. Getting a true friend is rare and counted as a big achievement in life. A person gets acquainted with different people during their life journey. Among these, we find a few who think in our wavelength with similar taste and nature. We become more attached to these type of people and spend more time with them.

Psychologists recommend that people should co-exist together so that they can help each other during times of need. There is also a fact that coping mechanisms to stress are better off when friends are involved. 

I am indeed lucky to have my university friend Benita James as my best friend, like a twin sister, and a strong motivator even now. I still remember the day I met her. It fell on my birth month 8/11/2013on a Saturday. It sounds to be a cock and bull story, but I earned the best friend of my life when I was far away from home.

She possesses qualities that just make me love her. She is prayerful, kind to everyone, and love babies just like me. She is intelligent both academically and in issues concerning life. Her sense of fashion is impeccable. She always steals the attention of everyone when we walk together, which makes me invisible. We have very imaginative minds, sometimes we just sit and plan our future and it is just amazing how she jokes about everything.

We played together, studied together, laughed together, stayed up late, sometimes cried together, hustle together, we did grow up together, made incredible memories together and finally when she graduated, we bid goodbye and parted our ways.

Though miles apart, we either call or send messages on a daily basis. Wherever we go, we are connected by heart and manage to have video calls despite how expensive data is in Nigeria she still calls, we chat about the events in our lives so far, cherish our mischievous moments together, reminisce our good old days, capture every single moment in photographs and separate again.

Life continues its incredible journey, so many intimate friends moved in and out of my life, but none replaced the sole position reserved for my girl, now a strong woman, who stood by my side during the high and low times of my little life. I do believe that she is one of the best things that ever happened to me in University and I am so thankful to God for her.  I hope she never forget how blessed we are to have each other. I, Okere Jennifer. I will always love you and appreciate our friendship for the rest of my life. 

So that's all for todays post, hope you learnt something new about me?

Talk to you in my next post, be you, be safe, be kind, stay blessed and remain humble.
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QOTD:  ‘Your words start to lose value when your action don't match’.

Photos: Samuel James


Lagos, Nigeria


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