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22 May 2017


This lace dress did not live up to my expectation at all, it was a little bit below the knee when I saw it on the model on YOSHOP, but when it arrived, I tried it on and as you can see it’s above my knee and I actually had big plans for this dress, as I don’t occasionally wear lace dresses. In fact everything about this dress was just off, the length and quality, hey, I’m being honest and I can’t tell Y’all what isn’t true. That wouldn’t be right. 
Anyways, I would have tried styling it differently but just changed my mind, so I styled it with the red and white sandals heels I also got from them and the wristwatch as well, they are really of high quality so I’m happy about those orders. Details of everything I’m wearing including the choker will be down below so don’t forget to click the links. The weather wasn’t workable the day I snapped these pictures so please excuse the picture quality and the expressions on my face. The weather and the dress made me slightly angry and I couldn't contain it. I might re style this dress again not too sure but fingers crossed. How does this dress look to you, wearable? elegant ? or just okay? Drop your comments below. I hope we are all doing well and wish us all a great start to the week.  Not subscribed to the blog? please do and also like us on Facebook as well for weekly post updates.
Talk to you all in my next post.

Lace Mermaid Dress (HERE) Ankle Strap Patent Leather Sandals (HEREWristwatch (HEREDiamond choker (HERE and HERE) White Sunglasses similar (HERE)

QOTD "Work like everything depends on you. Believe like everything depends on God. Know that what's for you is on the way'' Tony Gaskins 
PhotosHerroyal Annie
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15 May 2017


Dapper style is a way for people to express a sophisticated look and edge through fashion. So I asked Adanya Samuel if we could collaborate (missed our very first collabo click HERE) on a somewhat dapper look and he was up for it. Noticed I used the word “somewhat” yeah it’s not fully a dapper look. I’d be recreating a totally fresh female dapper look in the near future, so be on the lookout for it. Don’t miss a post, subscribe to the blog or like us on Facebook for weekly posts.
Unto this look, we had to take this picture twice; first time the weather was acting up, so we had to retake them again. You’d notice a picture below where we both wore our nerd glasses, that’s from the first shoot. Second scheduled shoot we were in a hurry because we were losing sunlight, and I just couldn’t postpone this shoot again. Anyway, we still have some good pictures.
I’m wearing this floral pant from wore my shoes from Centro, added the fedora hat and remember this shirt from this post, yeah, decided to wear it again for this look. Adanya on the other hand kept it simple, I just told him to do him and he gave this look adding that suspender which I later collected to amplify the dapperness of my look. Hope you like our take on 'the dapper look' . Samuel is saying 'Hi' to everyone reading this, so why not show him some love on his INSTAGRAM.

Happy New week and I pray we all have a great one.

Floral Print Pencil Pants (HERE) Lip Print Shirt with Chest Pocket (HERE) Vintage Felt Fedora Hat (HERE)  
QOTD "And if you are in a cold world, don't forget to be warm hearted'' 
Photos: Herroyal Annie x Fidelis Saleh

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12 May 2017


Hello Lovelies! How are we all doing? My week has been hectic, submitting and defending papers due since it’s almost time for exams. I’m just winging everything (school, blog, life) to be honest. Today’s look features three fashion trends in one: the off-shoulder look, ruffles and florals. The off shoulder and ruffles look which have been trending for a very long time in different pattern, textures and colors and florals been here since I can remember, it just gets better season by season and I bet it isn’t going anywhere soon. When I saw this Off the Shoulder Ruffles Floral Jumpsuit on I just knew I needed to try it and here I am styling it, kept it really simple, didn’t want to do much with it. I opted for my pink heels to complement the pink color on the jumpsuit and wore my choker from The jumpsuit material is polyester meaning it’s thin so it’s quite hugging on the body; nevertheless it is a gorgeous piece. Click links below to get yours. Do enjoy the rest of the week and talk to you soon in my next post. By the way The Style Fanatic is now on FACEBOOK. Show us some love on there.

Off the Shoulder Ruffles Floral Jumpsuit (HERE) Anchor Hollow out Tattoo Choker (HERE) Nude lace up heels (Similar HERE)  
 QOTD "Don't put all your trust in another human, work to be self sufficient so you are not lost without them'' 
PhotosFidelis Saleh

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10 May 2017


Hello Lovelies! Guess we are all good? If you live in Russia or Ukraine or any other country celebrating the Victory Day (День Победы) then you should be enjoying the long holiday which in my case I’m taking advantage of to complete projects due for the week. They said it was going to be easy, they lied. I was so engrossed in school work I forget I had a blog and didn't even check on it all through. So yesterday I decided to step out to take some pictures and just unwind. 
Today on the blog features Ukraine’s Fashion blogger Dimple Khadi if you aren’t new to the blog then you’d know we’ve collaborated recently HERE. We are both wearing this gorgeous olive maxi chiffon dress from Zaful, which is perfect for summer. This collaboration wasn't planned at all, head over to dimple's page to read more on this collaboration HERE.
  Let me tell you something about this dress, on the site it’s gorgeous no doubt, but when it arrived there was a slit right up to my stomach, no I’m not exaggerating, I wasn’t pleased when I saw the slit right up there. So I’m sitting thinking to myself how do I wear this outside without flashing people and I definitely didn’t want to wear leggings underneath as in my opinion it would take away the beauty of the dress. Then I remembered in one of dimple khadi’s blog post she had the same issue as I did, so she sewed her bohemian dress slit together, and that’s what I did, but still left room for some legs to show. Dimple Khadi styled her’s in two ways, one with a trouser and the other with just the dress. Don't forget to check out more photos on her blog and also check her out on INSTAGRAM as well. She is truly an amazing and humble blogger. I sometimes get my style inspiration from her.

Olive chiffon maxi dress (HERE) Nude lace up heels (HERE) Necklace (HERE) Fedora hat (HERE) Rhombus Shades (HERE)
 QOTD " If you are going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start'' Charles Bukowski

PhotosHerroyal Annie
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