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22 March 2017

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18 March 2017


Random fact about me: I hate black, I’d rather go for white than black, but as a style blogger I have to try everything I possibly can for the blog as far as it’s decent, remember I mentioned one time I don’t like being predictable when it comes to fashion/style. So today I’m wearing this black bodycon dress from I think I made a mistake and got a size M instead of XS I’m not sure but, I still made it work. This dress is so simple, it’s for minimalist fashion bloggers, I on the other hand don't fit into that category. So in order not to make this dress too boring I added this body chain to give it a little spark, wore my gold heels and a few jewelries here and there. I actually wanted to go all black by wearing a pair of black heels but umm no way, changed my mind when the dress arrived. I feel every lady needs a LBD in her wardrobe.
When in doubt as to what to wear for an occasion, event or even date just wear a black outfit with a pop of color just to be safe and you are good to go. How do I look in this dress should I try more black outfits? I hope we are all doing well. Click links below for outfit details. Do enjoy the rest of the week

Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress (HERE) Vintage Alloy Body Chain (HERE) Rhombus cage ring (HERE and HERE) Sandal heels (HERE)

QOTD  ‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci’
PhotosHerroyal Annie 


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13 March 2017


The title has nothing to do with this post but it’s just how I’m feeling right now. Sometimes we go through things (secretly/publicly) we can't explain or even understand. I feel we don’t need to understand whatever we go through because T.D Jakes said when God has a plan for your life he will maneuver you, maneuver your life to get you (prepared) to where you need to be, He will break you just so he can build you up. All we need do is take it one day at a time and trust Him. Romans 8;18 what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later. Just learn to surrender all to God and walk by faith and not by sight.   
This weather can be confusing sometimes, it was very sunny but at the same time windy and cold *sighs* Anyways, don’t you just love this simple yet chic cold shoulder dress? It’s from YOSHOP.COM a new online shopping store that basically sells everything you need and best part is they offer free shipping worldwide. Do check them out and don’t forget to click the links below for outfit details. Hover your mouse across “here” click on it and you’d be redirected to the precise link. Do have a fruitful week and God bless you all.

Elegant cold shoulder dress (HERE) Faux leather Geometric wristwatch (HERE) Rhombus cage ring (HERE and HERE) Sandal heels (Centro)
Bernie, xx
Be Fierce & Humble

QOTD ‘Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever. – Ralph Lauren’
PhotosHerroyal Annie 


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6 March 2017


Thank you for all the wonderful comments and love shown on my birthday post, it’s deeply appreciated. God bless you all for taking out time to show your love. The corset trend came back with a twist, and fashion/style bloggers have been rocking this trend of late in different ways. There are different ways to go about this corset trend, styling it over a shirt dress with thigh high boots, styling it just like I did but throwing a blazer over and also you could substitute the pants for a skirt (pleated, pencil skirt, skater skirt) and so on. I feel this trend is a way to be creative and just be you in terms of styling. This trend isn’t for everyone though just like the pajama trend wasn’t/isn't for me.
So I styled mine so simple, I didn't want to go all out on this particular trend just because I feel enough people have done that already. It’s so simple, layer your corset over a simple shirt (it doesn’t have to be white) any shirt can work, wear a skirt or pants/jeans and finally accessorize. It’s not rocket science, just make it work for you and make sure it’s appropriate in terms of going out. Can you tell I was feeling hungry in these pictures? need to start eating before going for photo shoot. Anyways do have a fruitful week. 

White shirt (here)  Faux leather Geometric wristwatch (here) Shoulder bag (here) Sandal heels (here) Corset (Sister's corset)

 QOTD ‘Anything that cost you your peace is too expensive.’
PhotosFidelis Saleh 


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27 February 2017


  So this day some years ago a queen was born! Funny story, my mum told me I was almost born on leap year which she didn't want so she prayed for early labour and I was safely born on the 27th, thankful for that. Imagine waiting every 4 years to celebrate my birthday.
 I’m indeed proud of the woman I am becoming, as I see my dreams coming together one at a time and I have faith (Jeremiah 29:11) it will only get better from here. Looking back I’m really grateful and thankful for everything that has happened in my life, the good and bad, for what has come into and what has gone out of my life; I believe everything has a season and a purpose. I know deep within me I’m not where I want to be right now but I’m glad I’m not where I used to be. 
Anyways, I wish myself everything good, pure x wonderful this life has to offer, success, health x wealth, wisdom, discernment, God’s abundant favor and peace of mind. I definitely can’t wait to see what other plans God has orchestrated for me. Excuse the rumpled gown; it got rumpled transporting myself to the picture location.
Once again A Big Happy Birthday to me 'Benita James'. Oh btw if you'd be eating cake today, eat it on my behalf.
Down below are 20 important things I’ve learnt/learning in my early 20’s
      1.      Constant progression is better than constant perfection.
                     2.      Strangers are more inclined to support you than friends. You’ve to go with the flow.
                    3.      Be financially disciplined (save more money) as nothing is set in stone. Invest your time and money wisely. 
                     4.     The tougher the lesson, the bigger the BLESSINGS!..
     5.      Take every chance in life because some things happen once/for a reason.

6.      Never judge someone by the opinion of another person.
            7.   Keep putting out good, it will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.
8.      Be unapologetically you, Do you and do what you love. 
 9.      This sounds cliché but Trust no one or rather pay attention to who you trust.
             10.      Be discreet in order to achieve what you want for everyone who is blessed is envied.
11.      Rely on no one but God. Without God we are nothing. God's timing is perfect.
          12.      Whatever you do, always think about the future (there could be repercussions)
13.      Forgive but never forget the lessons it taught you.
         14.      Don’t be ashamed to struggle to get what you want, nothing is handed freely.
15.      Never allow waiting be a habit. Live your dreams and take healthy risks.
                     16.      Be appreciative and thankful with the little you have someone somewhere has it a lot worse.
17.      There's a huge difference between a boy and a man.
18.      Pride wouldn’t take you far only humility will.
   19.      Sometimes the grass is greener over there because it’s fake.
                            20.      Finally, once you are in your 20’s you should not care how you’re being perceived by people. Trust me you will never be defeated by their actions or words, just ignore and keep building.
QOTD ‘A strong woman accepts both compliments and criticism graciously, knowing that it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow.’  

Photos: HerroyalAnnie


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