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Hello lovelies and hope the week has been great to you so far. So what I’m wearing today on the blog, the jumpsuit, color block Sweater, Geometric sunglasses and Baseball hat are from Zaful. I didn’t even know the whole outfit was going to come out this good and even better with the location. That pair of glasses is the best in my collection so cool, stylish and gorgeous, if you aren't new here then you already know my love for them shades is real. So lecture was canceled that day and what do I do? turn the day into a photo shoot day.
Anyway, back to the main topic for today. If you are a blogger, why do you love blogging?


 If you can relate, you can relate. Not every day slay day to the Uni. There are times when you just want to be comfortable especially when the cold season starts approaching. Today on the site I’ve put together a typical lazy girl outfit a few or even majority of us can relate to, it might be to the Uni, running errands or just a casual day. Being that I’m still in the university and this look was taken after lectures, it justifies the title.


Welcome to the blog guys. Today I’m going to be sharing with you 5 ways to increase your blog traffic, the site is now a year old and I choose not to call myself a newbie blogger anymore, because I’ve learnt a lot about blogging (still learning everyday though) and today I’ve decided to share these tips that helped me improve my blog traffic. Any serious blogger will strive to get traffic and engagement on their site because it just shows how well they are doing in the blogosphere and also one of the keys to getting potential advertisers, partnerships, sponsors and so on. This topic sounds so cliché and a lot of bloggers have talked about it but you can never get enough knowledge on this, why? Because the blogosphere is divided into different Niches and even Sub Niches, what works for a style blogger may not necessarily work for a beauty blogger so we need to keep expanding on this topic.


Are you ready for Halloween? If you celebrate Halloween then this post is for you. I never knew the essence of Halloween but a lot of people almost always never skip it, Anyway, I’ve put some item from Rosegal relating to Halloween which are down below., interested? Click links above each picture for more details. Thanks for stopping by and talk to you in my next post.


Hello Lovelies and hope we are all doing well. Today on the blog I’m sharing with you 7 must have backpacks from dresslily. If you are current on my recent posts you’d know I’ve started carrying it more often because they are so versatile and very safe.
Down below are the few out of the many that caught my eye, click links above each picture for more details. Thanks for stopping by and talk to you in my next post.