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 Hello there, hope everyone’s Val day went well and no one had a broken heart I assume. Anyway, Val day isn’t really my thing; however I don’t mind the warm gesture on that day. It’s a new week and I’ve been thinking a lot about a lot of things trying to figure out why certain things happen to people and why we can’t have a break at least. Then I remember, God wouldn’t give you want you can’t handle and there is always a solution for everything even though it might not really be what was initially planned. I’ve tried to accept what is and trust God for a better tomorrow really. Also, just figured out that people go through a lot behind all these fake/pretense smiles and straight face, so it’s imperative to check up on people you love and put them in your prayers once in a while because we never know. People are really good at hiding their problems so it’s the least we can do.


Ladies, how are you preparing for your Valentine’s Day? Excited? Spending the day with someone, staying indoors? Anyways, I have a pre Valentine’s Day look for you, it isn’t all that but it’s simple and chic and stylish for the weather. If you live in a country where the climate is hot then you can wear the dress as it is for a more alluring look without layering it over a blouse. Valentine’s Day is not just about showing love to a special person, but all special and loved ones in your life, friends, family, neighbors’ and so on.  Make sure to check back here on the site for a valentine’s day look on Wednesday. Happy New Week and do have a great week ahead.


Happy New Month Lovelies! The beautiful thing about this year is that, can you guess? Well, it’s my birthday month. I hope the year is treating you good so far? Wish us all a wonderful new month filled with genuine love and God’s abundant blessings. Today on the site it’s a blog feature and I’m featuring Ingrid from Cameroon check her out on Instagram HERE. She is indeed a beauty, she looks like Duckie in real life, although she is yet to admit it. She is a model and soon to be doctor, so put some respect on her name. During the New Year she came visiting I guess you can remember she appeared on my insta story, if you are not following me on Instagram please change that, I’d follow back. Anyway, we decided to work together not really planning our outfit before, meaning this was a last minute thing but she still looks beautiful which is more important to me. We did style two looks, be on the lookout for the second look.


Hello wonderful people, how are y’all doing? So, if you are consistent on here you’d probably know I’ve never worn a romper on the site and to be honest I actually never worn one before in my daily style.. This is actually my first time wearing a romper; there is a first time for everything right. It’s said somewhere out there rompers are only for summers, well I say different, rompers are for all season when styled according to the weather. Anyway, it’s 2018 and I’d like to switch up my style a notch for the blog but still keep it me if you know what I mean. It’s winter, a harsh one for that matter. So, how do you wear a romper during the winter without freezing but yet still keep it stylish. Well, keep reading I’ve got you on this.


Hello Lovelies! How are we all doing? Been a minute, is it just me or is the year stating off slow, like we are still in the middle of January, I like it that way for some reason though. 2018 please slow down and take your time. Anyway, today on the site I’ve decided to share 10 random facts about me. For the past days on Instagram it has been going viral by my fellow bloggers where they share random facts about them and tag other bloggers to do so. As for me I’ve decided to make mine into a blog post. I hope you find it interesting. For more facts about me click HERE.
Talk to you in my next post, be you, be safe, be kind, stay blessed and remain humble.
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