Hello Lovelies, how are we all doing? Happy Easter and hope we are all enjoying our Easter break? This particular article has been siting in my draft since November before I was called for my NYSC (It's a compulsory programme for all Nigerian Post Graduate / Graduates) 

 Yeah, so today on the site I will be going in details of my experience being the only lady in a male dominated Organization / Company. Truthfully, being the only woman in the office is not a cushy job neither is it for the faint hearted. 
NB. These happened at one of my work place, before I was called up for NYSC, as I am currently working in a different organization.


          1.      You’d definitely hear staff murmuring under their breath “why would a woman be doing a man’s job” Trust me! I am already used to it, in fact, I love the statement already. In my perspective I take it as a huge compliment! So, they can keep running their wet mouth because it's of no use.

             2.      You Guys! If I can count the number of times I’ve been told to smile randomly. It’s just irking because I always keep a straight face whenever I am fully in my element working. I mean, who smiles trying to delegate?

        3.      I have been bluntly accused of being rude; my loves, let me explain this incident. So I was in my office yeah, I heard a client walk in asking questions bigger than this staff could handle and this staff was/is just a casual worker not even trained to speak to clients. Anyway, as the staff  in the right position I quickly jumped in, politely dismissed the casual staff and attended to the client immediately. When I was done with that, I explained to the casual worker that he hasn’t been oriented on such duty and to next time direct the clients to the superiors. My loves, next thing I heard minutes later from a reliable source was that I was rude. Lol. What can I do than to just burst into laughter cause I understand where it was coming from and why.

          4 .    I can assure you when there’s a brief gathering or general meeting, do not be surprised when you get interrupted or talked over, trust me I take back my power and over rule them . Also, know this, that your comments, Ideas and sometimes opinions might be second guessed, just because you are around a table full of men, smh the effortery!

           5.      There’s always that one guy that tries to separate himself from the others, with the impression that he is better and he appreciates you as a female worker. My loves, those ones are to be feared because they work with the devil directly. 

Hope you enjoyed this brief work series post.

Talk to you in my next post, be you, be safe, be kind, stay blessed and remain humble.
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QOTD:  ‘Learn to value yourself’.
Photos: Volgograd, Russia




  1. Thanks for sharing your work experience. We need more women in the work place like you. I adore this boss babe look!

  2. You are good to point out these things, and to stand up!! It's always amazing to me that some people think that just because we have two "X" chromosomes would make it so we can't do something! Pure craziness.

  3. You are such a great role model for women! I love that you are standing up and showing your coworkers how strong and amazing you are!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. OMG point 5 is so true! Also, you're killing it in that yellow blazer and matching heels!

    Katie |

  5. I work in tech and I feel so many of the same things!

    Eileen |

  6. I adore how you stand your ground. Thanks for sharing your experience and you look fantastic in this yellow outfit!

  7. I love this outfit! There's only me and another women in my team at work and I've not experienced any negativity due to my gender. I've had customers tell me to smile but never my colleagues! Sorry you've had a negative experience!

    Corinne x

  8. I hope your new working environment is more pleasant! This sounds awful, although I can't say I'm surprised. That shade of yellow looks absolutely incredible on you! x


  9. Hi
    I loved your post and note that women still have a long way to go to be looked at with respect and equality before men!
    As for your look, he's as powerful as you are !!

  10. I use to work in tech support so I can relate. It was interesting even when I worked in a female dominated work place and we would have a meeting and our female boss would instruct us, me and the other two female employees would be "ok" but the male employee always pushed back. In a nice way, but I remember noticing that. When I worked in tech support the one other female I worked with tried to be cool/one of the guys by using the "c" word in meetings. I would just roll my eyes...

    Allie of

  11. I'm really sad to read about your experience when you've been so mistreated just based on your gender. I've been much luckier, studying engineering and often being the only girl in the class, my study group, work or even the place I lived. No one ever treated me differently for being a girl, if anything the guys have been extra nice and considerate because of it. My only sexist experience was working at a women wear company, where they were constantly pushing the slogans and believes of how stupid boys and men are on us.

    Btw love your outfit and how popping yellow pieces are <3


  12. Thanks for sharing your experience! Slaying in that outfit!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  13. You keep on doing you and keep on crushing it in your job. I am sure a lot of the guys wish they were better than you. 😉

  14. First of all you did great. People (men) need to know women can be better than them. It is always the judgment I dislike. But I loved reading about your attitude. True girl boss, so proud of you :-)

    Via |

  15. I love the yellow pop of color in your office.
    And this is sad to read some men still think they are better than women.

  16. you look great! loving the pops of yellow. That is so cool though that you are working in a male dominated workplace and I can't believe some people still have not so nice things to say to you! Keep on shining!

    Life is a Shoe

  17. So pretty :)

  18. This was so great to read, thank you for sharing your experience! I definitely feel you with being told to smile - happens all the time in the office for me!

    Molly xx

  19. Love the yellow in this outfit, Bernie! As for being the only woman in a male dominated workplace I can only imagine what kind of difficulties that brings, I'm especially bothered by hearing that women are often interrupted when they speak and express their ideas. That sort of behavior is unacceptable and shows how underestimated women are in many spheres of life.

  20. WOW!
    I really love your outfit!
    Love your make up too!!!

  21. Thanks for sharing your work experience and I love your yellow blazer and shoes! You look stunning!
    Julia x

  22. Thanks for sharing, you are very confident in your outfit, I like it very much.

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  23. I admire your looks, keep it up to inspire me dear!

    R, The Slouchy Handbag Trend

  24. Love the bright yellow with the black and white! I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience being the only woman in the office! being in a male dominated industry I am pretty lucky that I haven't had too many bad experiences in the workplace - the company I'm at now is wonderfully supportive! :)

    Hope that you are having good weekend. It's a wet long weekend here.

    Away From The Blue

  25. This looks so fantastic! Thank you for sharing!