Hello lovelies, I’ve always wanted to start my own fashion/style blog since 2013 but gave myself a lot of meaningless excuses (Russian weather, finding the right time, looking for a good photographer, and all that stuff…). My sister and few of my friends kept pushing me to create a blog of my own I just felt it wasn’t the right time don’t know why I felt that way but since the beginning of this year January to be precise
the blog topic came up again when I was at a friend’s house. Spoke to one of my closest Vietnamese friend and he said I should start and I said to myself if other people believe in me why shouldn’t I and what do I have to loose, so now I feel it’s time to show the world my preference on style (even though I’m not quite there myself, no one is), I’ll keep learning as I take this next step and also to inspire someone out there to just go for what they are passionate about.
       My advice is not do what people are doing, you just have to figure out what is central to your core. Have the passion for it so no matter what happens the strong passion you have will propel you forward otherwise you’ll feel you need to compete to get where other people are, losing yourself and end up quitting thinking you are not good enough, but you are good at things you don’t even know, everyone has a gift you’ve just got to tap down to your uniqueness, know who you are and have the courage to become that person. Encourage yourself if you have no one to encourage you.
Just make sure you put God first in everything you do and remember ‘’the only person greater than you is God’’ Tamar Braxton.  The key is Patience, Perseverance and Focus
QOTD: Believe in yourself, you are the only person that cannot fail you.
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Outfit: Gift |Shoe: Modekc
Photos: Mแบกnh Hแปฏu


  1. Amazing post, glad you finally decided to create your own blog(about time). Wish you success.

  2. Amazing and inspiring post, happy you finally decided to create your own fashion blog. Wish you success.

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  4. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. I am so happy you finally decided to create your own blog. Keep the good work Sweetheart, I believe in you.

  5. I am glad you found your passion.. to inspire and to make the world a more beautiful place.
    We are with you on this one. Keep the fire.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    1. Awww,Thank you so much Ameh, Really appreciate.

  6. Very nice dress! The color compliments your skin well..welcome to the blogging world! Much success to your blog! Following on GFC..Feel free to check out my blog and follow back if you like

    1. Thanks so much, just followed back, thanks for stopping by.