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28 April 2017


Hello Lovelies, hope we are all doing well. Today on the blog is about some fashion trends outfits on sales and most of them are at an affordable price. You don’t need to break the bank to look sophisticated, I always say that. Not to take much of your time down below are a few clothing items that caught my eye on Shein and so I have decided to share them with you. Summer is by the corner, I believe we all want to look good as there will be many activities this summer, so start shopping, tell a friend to tell a friend or rather be the friend that buys for your friend. Make sure to click links below. Shein ships worldwide and they are a trusted online clothing shop. I’ve shopped from them in the past so not too worry; your items will be delivered to you on time. So start shopping!

1 | 2 | 3| 4

5 | 6 | 7| 8

9 | 10 | 11| 12

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24 April 2017


Some days are slay days; some days are just laid back and comfortable look days. This outfit post is a street style inspiration post; you look comfortable yet chic and still feminine. I knew I wanted to go for a street style look for today’s post, so I grabbed the key accessories I feel  make up a street style look i.e. hat and sneakers, then complemented them with my midi skirt, white Tee and that sweater I got from Gloria Jeans which I hardly wear. Have you ever taken a picture or after wearing your planned outfit you feel there is something missing? Well that was how I felt after looking back at the pictures on the camera. I felt a pair of nerd glasses would have tie the entire outfit together. But oh well, it’s still a flawless outfit either way. Do you like this unusual look, can you rock it, if yes where to? Hope we are all doing well and I wish you all an amazing and fruitful week.

Midi Black Skirt (HERE) Sneakers (similar HERE) Fedora Hat (HERE) Crossbody Bag (similar HERE) White Tee (HERE) 
 QOTD "Watch actions. Even actions can lie like words, but consistency is the key. If they aren't consistent, they can't be taken seriously.'' Tony Gaskins

PhotosFidelis Saleh


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17 April 2017


Happy New week Lovelies, hope we are all doing fine and already have a great start to the week. Spring is now my second best season as autumn remains the first. You have to admit in the scenery of spring everything is just beautiful, the flowers blossom and everywhere just seem calm and refreshing after the blistering winter.
Let’s dive into today’s look shall we? I’m wearing a white dress I got from Incity two summers ago, I always regretted never getting the smaller size because it was just in front of me and the boutique assistant talked me into getting a larger one, but I’m starting to like how loose it is on me for some reasons I can't explain. I styled this simple white dress with my pink trench coat which I recently styled HERE, kept my hair simple and added that head chain because I’m extra like that. I changed my location for this shoot, actually it was my photographer's idea, after we were done with the first set of pictures he was like, let’s go where there are flowers around and clearly I was for it. I fell in love with the location I forgot to wear my heels or I just didn’t want to wear it. That’s it for today. Have a fruitful week.

Dress; Incity (Similar HERE) Heels (HERE) Trench coat (similar HERE and HERE
QOTD "Don't try to force anything, just sit back and allow the blessings to flow. Trying too hard creates resistance"’
PhotosFidelis Saleh


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10 April 2017


 Self-confidence as commonly used is self-assurance in one's personal judgment, ability, power, etc. One increases self-confidence from experiences of having mastered particular activities. It is a positive belief that in the future one can generally accomplish what one wishes to do. Self-confidence is not the same as self-esteem, which is an evaluation of one’s own worth, whereas self-confidence is more specifically trust in one’s ability to achieve some goal, which one meta-analysis suggested is similar to generalization of self-efficacy. Source here
It’s no news society and social media or even the people around us can tame our self-confidence which affects our behavior, and attitude. Down below are 5 important quotes to help you build up your self-confidence.

Be you, do you, express yourself and feel good about yourself, don’t go looking for a successful personality to duplicate. We aren’t born to be the same, imagine living in a world where there’s no diversity in behavior, character, and attitude. Remember nobody's perfect not even celebrities, people in power and people we look up to. To be honest we are all still trying to figure out our self, so be at peace knowing that the closest thing to perfection is constant growth. Keep growing and working on you. Practice what your conscience tells you is right, that way no one can use anything against you. Don’t give listening ears to what other people have to say about you because it’s not going to matter in your life. The only assuring thing is what you think and say about you.  Don't be scared to be weird, different, who knows you are hiding what someone might find intriguing, so be you regardless of what people might say or think which brings me to my next point.

ARE YOU KIND TO YOU? SPEAK POSITIVE THINGS TO YOURSELF.                  Small thinking about unimportant things can hold you back and threaten your self-confidence e.g. comparing yourself to people in general, their achievements and  so. Understand we are not meant to be on the same pace in life. Sometimes it can be quite depressing knowing you are putting the same effort as the other person but still yet, they get there before you. There's nothing you can do but to be okay with it, knowing when you eventually get there the experience will be better. Make an effort to put positive thoughts in your memory bank. Don’t let negative, self-deprecatory thoughts grow in you. We aren’t created to be average, we were created to do exploits and excel. So don’t wait for anyone to clap for you, encourage, compliment you, and support you. Look in the mirror and be that person who encourages you, claps for you, supports you and listens to you. The power of life and death is in the tongue so every morning when you wake up say nice things to you, when you keep up with this, slowly but surely your self confidence will begin to build up.

Fear of what others might think about you- make sure that what you plan to do is right, then do it. No one ever does anything worthwhile for which he is not criticized.
Fear of Failure - Show me a successful person who never failed.
Fear of embarrassment - It’s bound to happen; laugh about it and turn it into a funny story..
Fear of Loss - There’s always a reason for everything, accept it and have it at the back of your head there's more to come, better than the one you lost.
Fear of starting a conversation, confrontation, doing a presentation in class and so on.
Analyze all factors of fear,: make a list of your fears isolate it and then take constructive action. Challenge yourself to face it. Doing nothing about a situation strengthens fear and destroys self-confidence.

Sometimes lack of self-confidence can be traced directly to our past or what isn’t working right at the moment. Let the past be the past, you cannot change whatever happened. The mistake we make is carrying the past along with us, therefore depreciating our self-esteem and confidence. Don't be the victim and focus on the present, the now and here. Drop all those baggage, forgive them and yourself.  It shouldn’t define who you are or even how you relate with people. Now with things not working right in our life right now, I always say if you can’t control it take it to God and focus on what’s going well in your life. I believe no one has it worse. So be grateful for the little things it may not be much but it's something.

There’s this old saying that goes thus: When you look good you feel good. So improve your appearance, it wouldn’t hurt to get your hair looking decent, your clothes looking sharp. You don’t need an extravagant budget to make it all work. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. So make what you have work for you and wear it with confidence. In addition to that, you are not fully dressed without a big smile on your face, don’t fake it just exude it. Make everything about you say ‘I’m confident’ the way you walk, speak up and make eye contact with people. If you don’t like your features you have to start liking them, accept your flaws because we are all made in His image and God doesn’t make mistakes. Embrace your imperfection and the world will. It starts with you.

Self-confidence is Key to a better life, opportunities, better relationships with people and unlocking your unlimited potentials. It’s the most attractive quality anyone can have. If you don’t see how great you are, how can anyone see it?

QOTD ‘Self-Confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it’’


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3 April 2017


 Happy new month Lovelies! Wish us all a wonderful month filled with God’s blessings and abundant favor. On the blog today is just a simple spring outfit inspiration incorporating two of the many (stripes, plaid, florals, checkered, etc.) spring wardrobe essentials; Prints and colors. The weather was a bit gloomy but still made this shoot work as I can’t control the weather. I actually wanted to change the hair do for this particular outfit but still loved it, so I left it untouched. This look is for my fellow Fashionistas who don’t shy away from bold prints and colors, as everyone can’t rock this look. Sometimes you don't need to break the bank to look polished and sophisticated. Are you spring ready? Get your FLORAL DRESSES and FLORAL KIMONOS on
That’s it for today; I pray we have an amazing new month and a fabulous new week.

Pants (HERE) Red Blazer (HERE) Print chiffon blouse (HERE) Yellow purse (HERE) Sandal heels (Centro)
QOTD ‘If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception; it is a prevailing attitude.-Colin Powell

 PhotosHerroyal Annie 


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