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24 October 2016


Happiness is something everyone wants. There are many ways of describing happiness. Aristotle said “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. Denis Waitely said Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. I would say ‘Happiness is a decision’ it is your decision to make.
What makes you happy? Having loyal friends, family, money, getting that IPhone you’ve always wanted, doing what you are passionate about, being in the presence of God, giving a helping hand, going to work every morning, donating to the less privilege, listening to music? Are you always happy when things get better with you or around you? Will you then be happy when you get what you’ve always wanted? But what if you never get them, what happens next? Do you know many people in the world have what we think we need but still aren’t happy? while there are few people who have less of the things we have yet are happy and content. Yes! we all have situations that steal our joy but being happy doesn’t mean the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. Plus you should understand things happen for a reason in other for us to grow and learn, it’s all a process so embrace everything that happens in your life, both the good and the bad. Many people are waiting for their circumstances to be worked out before they decide to be happy. If you are going to be happy, you need to make a decision to be happy right now. Happiness does not depend on your circumstances but on your will.
You aren’t happy with your body size, ask yourself if you are treating your body well, aren’t happy with your grades try harder, you are studying a course you aren’t happy studying, you know what to do, aren’t happy with where you are in life but can't physically change it, accept it and make the most out of it. You just aren’t happy with something, change it. If it’s out of your control why worry about it, cast your burdens unto the Lord and he will sustain you. Sometimes we make the habit of putting our happiness in people and get disappointed when they don't live up to our expectation which is wrong. No one is responsible for our happiness except us alone.
Happiness sometimes can be easy to get/feel but hard to sustain, I feel that only happens when we derive happiness from material things. Find out what makes you genuinely happy and make it happen.  Life is too short to be depressed, happiness is not out there it’s in you, you alone are in charge of your happiness. Don’t let silly things steal your happiness

Final word
Never let your happiness depend on something or someone. Only in God will you find true happiness.

Thank you all for reading and God bless..

P.S Our prayers goes out to Haiti, they've been through so much already.

15 October 2016


Hello Lovely people! Hope we are all doing well and the week’s been good to us so far. Do you have that one favorite shirt you love wearing but don’t know how to spice up the styling in different ways, don’t worry cause I gat you. In today’s post I’ll be showing you how to switch up the styling of your plaid shirt working with a skirt, dress and pants. 

 First styling is the corporate look.
Here I wore a striking colored blue pants to work with the contrasting color of the plaid shirt, threw on a black blazer to tone the color of the shirt and pants, wore a neutral pair of heels and kept it low with the accessories. If you love colorful outfits like me be sure to keep it on the low while accessorizing.

Second styling is the edgy look
This edgy look is for most us that is about the simple life yet still want to look presentable. Wear the plaid shirt tucked in the skirt or you could fly it out, whatever your preference is on the word ‘edgy’. What’s an edgy look without a pair of sneakers to tie the whole outfit together? And that’s all, as simple as it looks. Styled this skirt here

Third styling is the somewhat classy look
 Noticed I used the word ‘somewhat’. Yeah it’s not fully a classy look but it will do. Here I wore the plaid shirt over a tube dress with a belt and boots. Now on the shoes I feel a pair of lace up heels or best thigh high heels will do depending on the weather or length of the dress. If I could restyle this particular look during the summer, it would be styled differently.
Hope you find this useful. Which is your favorite?  which would you try? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless you all for the views.
Have healthy fun this weekend.

QOTD ‘Working hard for something we don’t care about is stress. Working hard for something we care about is called passion.’

Photos: Herroyal Annie


7 October 2016


There is nothing more classic than a pair of Jean and white T, this combo is a go-to outfit for everyone (Men and Women) when you feel you have nothing to wear, unsure of what to wear for an event or you just want to look simple just grab a pair of Jean and a basic White T. The simplicity of a great pair of Jean and a clean white T makes it one of the most versatile outfits worn (followed by a black dress) and can transition from a day to night outfit with a few quick accessories.
I got my White T and ripped hem Jean from aren’t familiar with them, they make stunning fashion clothing mostly vintage and contemporary style, bags, accessories, shoes, wigs and more, you can basically buy all you need. I love how they also patronise Men's' fashion clothings, so for the very few gentlemen that check my blog, you could check their site for outfits you may need.
There are a lot of different ways to style a simple White T and Jean but I kept mine simple by tucking it into the Jean, wearing little accessories and pairing it with a pair of nude (kinda) heels. I hope you like how simple I styled it.

To purchase my outfit please click the links below
 Don’t forget to visit to check the amazing items they have. They offer free shipping on all items purchased and ship worldwide.

Thanks for stopping by today and have healthy fun this weekend. 
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QOTD ‘You will be too much for some people. Those aren’t your people. Go where you are celebrated not tolerated’
Photos: Herroyal Annie

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