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24 September 2016


Hello lovelies! In today’s post I’m collaborating with have you heard of them? Well if you haven’t Dresslily is a leading international online fashion clothing and accessory store focusing on the very latest in affordable fashion styles of high quality (trust me) from gorgeous women’s clothing, intimate lingerie, bags, shoes, wigs and many more fantastic items for affordable prices. 
So I got this elegant gorgeous Women's Slim Fit Overall Pants from them which is very true to size you can see how well it fits. Reasons I picked this overall pants is how versatile it can be worn, it could be styled as a street style look or a chic and yet sophisticated style look, I mean you could wear it to any occasion. I would definitely be restyling this overall pants as a street style look so keep checking the blog.  I also got this stunning Chic Women's Sunglasses from them,  I was really impressed by the quality of the sunglasses in particular when I got it. I recommend you buy this sunglasses if you’re looking for affordable sunglasses of high quality. They both arrived in three weeks and well packaged.

To purchase my overall pants please visit  unfortunately they are currently out of stock so please click here for more varities, to get my sunglasses please visit 
 Don’t forget to visit the store to check more amazing items you could purchase. They offer free shipping on all items purchased and ship worldwide.

Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy the weekend.
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QOTD ‘Everyone is not going to like what God is doing in your life. Don't expect everyone to celebrate or support you! And that's okay. Learn to celebrate yourself and be your biggest fan’’


12 September 2016


Hello lovelies! and a happy new week to Y’all. Hope we are all doing well. It’s already getting cold over here, guess the sunny loving days are over. That means it’s that time of the year again we get layered up in clothes, definitely not a good time for we style bloggers to consistently slay (really going to miss the warm weather).
Anyways todays post is just a simple one, wanted to play around with what I first set my eyes on in my wardrobe then came along this whole outfit. The pair of shoe was my last option though, was trying to pair up a statement shoe for the outfit but decided to go with the one I have on, why? because it was/is comfortable to walk in. Hope you like how the outfit came together.

Have a blessed week and be good.
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QOTD ‘Surround yourself with the kind of people who force you to level up in everything you do’’

Photos: Herroyal Annie


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