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30 July 2016


 Hello Lovelies and welcome back to my blog. I believe we have one more month till the summer is over and I'm sure we are running out of spontaneous things to do. So here are some of my ideas I put together on things to do this summer if you feel your summer is already turning into a routine, you could try these out.   
24 July 2016


Hello Lovelies, guess the summer is going well and welcome back to my blog. I am really over whelmed by the views of late, so I just want to thank everyone for the love & support shown on this blog and also the private emails and private messages of encouragement. Really appreciate you all and God bless. 
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Happy Sunday and wish you all an amazing week ahead. 
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Thanks for reading

QOTD:  If life gets too hard to stand, demonstrate your faith kneel and take it to God in prayer.

18 July 2016


         Offences will come, the longer you live the more things are going to offend you it is impossible to hide from it, anywhere you go you will run into offence,You will get disappointed, insulted, betrayed, hurt, rejected, people you’ve been there for won’t be there for you and these things affect us emotionally and threaten our sanity, we push people away, our self esteem goes from 100 to 0. When that happens pray you are resilient to the disappointments of their betrayal.
   At times we get pushed to the core that we think of retaliating but what good comes out of it (nothing) and just because you don't retaliate( in other words revenge) doesn't mean you are weak NO, it just means you are wise (they will learn from you eventually). As soon as you get offended shake it off, don’t let anything corrode you build in you or become toxic in you, whatever or whoever did it is not worth it.  Let me make this logical, you cannot be able to breath in air(inhale) and not exhale, you can’t eat food and not eliminate it, so you have to be able to take in offence and shake it off. If your heart takes too much offence after offence after offence it will begin to damage your attitude and sometimes we collect too much offence that we use all our energy to manage our pain, and all that energy that could be going towards the abundant life and progressive life is being used to maintain the pain.
   The bible says you need to forgive 70 times 7 but you see Jesus isn’t after the answer to the number, He is trying to let us know we need to be perpetually forgiving. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you agree with them, or they were right, or the hurt and pain isn’t there, it means you have too much in front of you to allow the things behind you to leave you incarcerated or bound, or even block your blessings. Don’t even wait for them to ask for forgiveness no, you are giving them too much power, cut yourself loose, forgive and let it go, this is something you are doing for you and not them. Just like my friend said days back “don’t let the world scar the beauty inside you”. Don’t let petty behavior take you out of your character, keep being you, give whole heartedly, be compassionate, ignore foolery and don't lose focus.
    And also make sure you try to exempt yourself from bringing ''Offences" to people because one of the best things you can do for you is having a clear conscience and being at peace with yourself. Maya Angelou said "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" we all have feelings make sure you are doing unto others what you will have them do unto you. If you are waiting for someone to act right before you act right, you are going to wait for the rest of your life, it starts with YOU.
Don't let the world scar the beauty in you. If you avoid offence you avoid life, it will come over and over and over again, you need to have the ability to handle offence when it's brought to you cause it will determine the way your life will go.
Know what to ignore, not every battle needs to be fought (Exodus 14:14).

Thanks for reading and have an amazing weekend.
7 July 2016


           Color-blocking is when a garment or outfit is composed of multiple solid colors. The color block trend has been around for a while but lately it's been emerging in creative new ways. So this is how I put my color blocking outfit together, layered this lilac blouse over my royal blue skirt, added a white blazer to complete the look and toned it down with a pair of black boots.
2 July 2016


Hello Lovelies and Happy new month, today's post is about this two piece outfit from lookbook store, perfect for summer, spring and autumn as well. Guess you are wondering why I wore mine with a pop socks, I was at the Volga river and it’s always chilly there so didn’t want to risk it.

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